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Mariani Artistic Foundry

The new integrated and custom made service, together with the D.W.C. (distant work's control), allows us to be the first in Italy to offer our clients a full immersion of their works.

The Company

The company was founded in 1952 by Claudio Mariani. Over the years it has grown from being a small workshop to a company able to carry out more complex products thanks to able experimentation and innovation.
The Fonderia’s capacity of producing high quality products from various plastic materials has become their symbol of recognition.

The selection of manufactured materials ranges from bronze to silver, from alpaca to aluminium. Other materials such as brass, cast iron and alloys are used as well and are specifically created to satisfy the needs of each and every client.

The company has always developed a harmonious formula that combines age-old craftsmanship knowledge with today’s modern technology.

The company is also able to reproduce microscopic details with the use of lost-wax casting, thanks to a long-standing experience in vacuum melting with the Shell method.

The company is located only 500 meters away from the historic Centre of Pietrasanta, a strategic position due to the fact that it is close to various accommodation facilities and other services.

The foundry works only on a commission basis. During the years their clients have included artists, designers and other creative individuals from all 5 continents.

Craftsmanship know-how combined with modern technology


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From the idea to the shape, from production to preservation

Integrated Service

Integrated and Custom-made

This 60 year old company uses its experience and know-how in order to offer its clients an organized custom-made and integrated service.
Custom-made, in that the client is accompanied by our skilled professionals in choosing all possible techniques, from the materials to the glaze, in order to satisfy each and every need.
Integrated service that ranges from planning to shaping, proceeding with the glaze, packaging, transportation and arrangement of the piece, up to its preservation and restoration.
The client can follow all the manufacturing phases thanks to the D.W.C (Distant Work’s Control): with the use of a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the client can directly view the work progress in any given moment and in any given location.

Planning department, engineering, enlargement and choice of materials

The client can come to us with a simple drawing or sketch, a digital photo or even a scanned image.
The company will then develop all production phases thanks to its elaboration and modelling capacities.

Alloy and custom-made materials development

The company is able to design and develop original metal alloys to satisfy all client needs, regarding shape, colour and preservation.

Packaging, transportation and arrangement

The company also handles the packaging and transportation of the object, ensuring that it gets to is destination intact.
Upon the client’s request the company’s specialized personnel is also able to arrange and assemble the object at its final destination or provide an assembly manual.
Our personnel also provides our clients with an exhibition arrangement service at an international level, handling every single aspect.

From manufacturing to preservation

The company handles each single phase of the manufacturing process.
Together with experienced personnel it has developed a specific program for the maintenance, preservation and restoration of the manufactured pieces.
The various pieces come with a manufacturing certificate that contains all the technical and material specifications under warranty and their correct maintenance.

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Over 60 years of history, experimentation, know-how

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